CERT Survey

CERT Fall 2022 Class
1.Full Name
2.Email Address
3.City of Residence

4.CERT will require a commitment of 1 night per week from 6pm to 9:30PM. Are you able to commit to this of day?
5.CERT runs for up to 10 weeks with a final drill. The final drill is usually on a Saturday morning and takes up to 5 hours. Are you able to commit to this schedule?
6.Dates for this course have not been finalized. We are looking towards Fall of 2022. Is there an evening that works best for you if we were to select a Wednesday or Thursday?
7.CERT requires the completion of all courses in full in order to receive your graduation Certificate. Make-up classes are not always possible as we bring in subject matter experts to teach the curriculum. If an individual is required to make up a class it will be up to that individual to locate a CERT class to make up the missing curriculum. Please note you understand below.