Transportation Benefit District

About the District

In 2008 the Des Moines City Council established the "Des Moines Transportation Benefit District" (TBD). The City Council members will concurrently serve as board members of this newly formed district. The Transportation Benefit District is a quasi-municipal corporation and independent taxing district created for the purpose of maintaining, constructing, and improving transportation facilities and projects within the district.

Car Tab Fee

The TBD established a fee which will be collected with the annual vehicle license renewal fee, otherwise known as "car tab fee". The fee is $40 per registered vehicle within the city limits. This source of revenue will go towards routine roadway maintenance activities and the annual pavement management program to rehabilitate existing city arterials. Roadway maintenance activities include but are not limited to; roadway striping, traffic signal maintenance, pothole repair, bridge repairs, snow and ice control, and vegetation removals for safety. Roadway rehabilitation activities include but are not limited to; reconstruction, overlays, slurry seals, chip seals and other sustainable construction methods.

The Washington State Department of Licensing has a Transportation Benefit District website to provide customers additional information regarding the fee.

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