Information for Businesses

Des Moines is set to thrive! Businesses are relocating to Des Moines, new housing is being constructed, and neighborhoods are being revitalized or created.

This waterfront city is a great place for YOUR next commercial development. Des Moines is rich with opportunities, including vacant land and substantial redevelopment areas, which are available at more affordable rates than in Seattle or Bellevue.

Des Moines is a city of 30,687 people, and 6.3 square miles - a unique town midway between the cities of Seattle and Tacoma, and just two miles from SeaTac International airport. Seattle's ocean shipping terminals are just 13 miles away and Tacoma's just 10 miles.

New Business Climate
In recent years, a friendly, pro-business climate and ample development opportunities have provided room for a multitude of new businesses. The city has worked hard to create an environment that supports business development while enhancing the quality of life in the community. The Mayor, City Council, and staff have nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit and fostered successful public-private partnerships. In particular, the city has streamlined permitting and reduced approval time in order to help expedite quality developments. The city encourages businesses that grow the employment base, with bold strategic economic development plans that focus on the future. Examples of the economic development ventures facilitated by the city are the downtown revitalization efforts, the marina development project and Pacific Highway redevelopment.

Work Force
Des Moines also draws an exceptionally talented workforce from Highline College, which is filled with the next generation of employees in the high-tech, manufacturing, medical, hospitality, and service industries. With nationally recognized public schools, an excellent community college and nearby higher learning institutions, Des Moines offers a learning environment that benefits employees and their children.

Des Moines' strong economic base, diversity, and favorable business climate are attracting leading companies that look to provide employees and their families with an outstanding quality of life. Come be a part Des Moines' vibrant community!