Economic Development

We all know the effort that business ownership and management require, and in Des Moines we are pledged to assisting businesses in their growth and success. The Des Moines City Council and city employees stand ready to help every enterprise thrive in "The Waterland City." Please know that we work hard to create a culture where investment and trade are appreciated and valued.

As new businesses become familiar with the Des Moines community, they find a city with much to offer - rich in history, diversity, and natural beauty. We are especially proud of the local character that is shaped by the varied and unique businesses in our community. There are rewarding opportunities to participate in community activities, and get to know our many local volunteers and residents.

Bold economic development plans are diversifying the city's employment base and strategically positioning Des Moines for the future. Here are some of the reasons why Des Moines is the right choice for business:

Central Location
On the shore of Puget Sound between Seattle and Tacoma, Des Moines' central location is at the heart of the vibrant Puget Sound region. Served by Highway 509 and Interstate 5, the west coast's main freight corridor, access to Des Moines from other Greater Seattle communities is quick and easy. The city is well-served by RapidRide and light rail mass transit, making commuting to and from work simple and convenient for employees. The nearby airport and two deep water seaports provide additional direct transportation connections for goods and services.

Supply Chain Access
Des Moines lies just minutes west of the Green River Valley, the fourth-largest warehouse and distribution center in the United States and the second largest manufacturing center on the West Coast. Many industries call the Valley home, including aerospace, food products, and apparel manufacturers and distributors. For businesses located in Des Moines, customers, vendors and, suppliers are all within easy reach.

Affordable Properties
Low land costs and lease rates, as well as many available commercial properties, make Des Moines an 'undiscovered' opportunity in the Puget Sound region. With incentives such as reduced business and occupation tax for new companies, and fee discounts for larger projects, businesses keep more initial earnings to cover start-up costs. An expedited permitting process and low fees help speed development, and remove risk by ensuring predictability. For the business looking for the ideal location, Des Moines offers value.

Trained & Available Workforce Des Moines draws on an exceptionally talented and extremely well-educated workforce. Local Highline Community College is filled with next-generation employees trained in high-tech, manufacturing, medical, biotech, and hospitality industries. With nationally recognized public schools, an excellent technical college and nearby higher learning institutions, Des Moines offers a learning environment that benefits employees and their children.

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