Alarm Program

Alarm registration is required for all alarm systems installed in homes or businesses.

  • A $25 fee is due at registration.
  • A $25 annual renewal fee is required.

Per Des Moines Municipal Code 9.10: "Alarm system" means a device or series of devices which emit or transmit a remote or local audible, visual or electronic signal indicating an alarm condition that is intended to or causes law enforcement service to be summoned. The purpose of this program is to encourage alarm users and alarm companies to properly use and maintain alarm systems and to reduce or eliminate false alarms which may unduly divert law enforcement from responding to criminal activity.

Registered False Alarm Fines:

  • 1st and 2nd false alarms are free
  • 3rd false alarm is $100
  • 4 or more false alarms are $200 each

If your alarm is not registered it will result in a $200 failure to register fine.

Alarm Registration may also be done through the mail or at the Police Department using the alarm registration application form.

Registration Information

(206) 878-3301 Ext. 0

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