Pacific Hwy Planning

Pacific Highway South Subarea Planning

Beginning in the spring of 2014 the City of Des Moines is embarking on a planning process for the Pacific Highway South area around Highline Community College. The objective of Pacific Highway South Subarea Planning process is to transform the South 240th Street/Highline College Node from a lower density, auto-oriented strip development to a mixed use employment/activity center that capitalizes on the opportunities provided by Highline Community College and the multi-million dollar public transportation investments that will be made in this corridor over the next decade in order to foster economic development, increase revenues and job opportunities, and provide more housing choices.

Key outcomes include but are not limited to:

  1. Land uses that increase revenues, job opportunities, and housing choices.

  2. Consistent development standards along the border between Des Moines and Kent.

  3. Land uses and regulations that capitalize on Highline Community College, Rapid Ride and Sound Transit's Link Extension investments.

  4. Leverage work being completed by others to inform our process.

October 1, 2014 Workshop Material

March 26, 2014 Open House Materials

Public Process

Date Description
November 18, 2014 FED Committee, Discussion of Community Commercial Zoning south of 252nd Street
December 4, 2014 City Council Regular Meeting, 240th Node Land Use Designations
*date subject to change **topic subject to change

Check the City Council schedule for meeting times and locations.

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